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the certificates you are going to give to students arethey legally recognised by the government,is the campus already setup,those who have no relatiuve and who have never been to bamenda how are they going to cope

 Julius Che

only someone with a tribalistic mind and full of grid can ask such a nonsensical question. man, this is an institution of higher learning set-up by the most powerful institution in the world which is the church.

we the catholics of african decent in the netherlands stand solidly behind this brave project and its pioneer team and shall do all it takes to support both spiritually, technically and financially. i for one is willing to offer my services for free for one year at the department of law / international and european law


I am baffled by your response to such an important question asked by Ngumi. Mr, Che Julius you must never call somebody's question a nonsensical one. Because its of utmost importance for one to understand the issuing authority of a degree and accommodation matters before enrolling into a Higher institution of learning,


this is wonderful!
but i wish to know the courses offered, the fees and the conditions required for addmission.

Vincent Besong

Bamenda is indeed a sit of wisdom in cameroon.
Ngomi, their certificates are recognised by the government as well as worldwide. Understand that though we doubt the authenticity of some private institutions, institutions like the Catholic Church don't play such cat and mise games. They may not have the student hostles you may need at the momment but I think they will certainly make provisions if you contact them for such services; besides, students in the diaspora have coped with no relatives or friends on the day of their arrival in their new countries; again the Bamenda man is very friendly and welcoming; food and accomodation in this town are very cheap.
From the profiles of this officials, some of whom I have been their student, I think they will deliver the goods. Let us pray and work with them to build this great dream.
Julius, you can apply to volunteer without them calling on you.
Lastly, give out your opinion without insulting others, for it may scare others from contributing fantastic ideas that would have been of great help to the community.


The vision of the Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda, to be "a world class academic institution" is an admirable dream. However, its affiliation to the University of Buea - which is not among the top 1,000 Universities in the world or even Africa - makes this vision sound like a joke. Can the university not estabish teaching and research partnerships with truly world-class universities?

Dr Henry N. Tatangang

The Catholic Church does not need a Priest to head a Catholic University if there is non with the kind of qualification and experience needed. A Catholic laity can do the job. Prof. Paul Nkwi is not being properly used at the position of Deputy Vice Chancelor under someone who does not have his academic level and expreience, in my opinion. Would it not have been wiser and more paying to make Prof Nkwi Vice Chancelor so that the present one receives the nurturing needed to head a university with the kind of vision you are puting forward? Don't you think you need to rethink the leadership of the university? I know some actions are difficult to reverse without causing harm. It needs the kind of humility as "dying to self" that Jesus Christ requires of His followers, for such a change not to cause hurt and harm. I pray!



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