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JJ Asongu

It's sad that a bishop will fall prey to the nonsense called witchcraft. What is witchcraft? Can he define it? Belief in witchcraft is fueled by ignorance. I don't doubt that people belief in witchcraft, what I argue against is the fact that witchcraft itself exist. Why is it that witchcraft thrives only in societies where people are most illiterate? There is a clear correlation between ignorance and the so-called practice of "witchcraft."

Augustine Nkwain

The bishop was not making a profession of faith in witchcraft, but simply stated that the practice exists and the church must cope with it. He refers his christians and priests to the true source of strength which is prayer and faith in Jesus Christ. We must remember that when it comes to witchraft it is not the simple application of reason that can free people from believe in witchcraft. It is about a people's perception of the cosmos, and that is not given away simply by explanations, reasoning or clarifications. Many of our traditional societies have an enchanted world view that sees the hand of the gods or spirits or supernatural in all that happens to their environment. And they seek to understand it and to order their lives accordingly. The Europeans also had that until the industrial revolution and the philosophies that came with enlightenment gradually transformed their world view, to the disenchanted societies we have today. However, even today, as the bishop indicates,in his native Poland and infact in other places in Europe belief in withcraft and the power of evil spirits still persists. For example, what does the choice of an octopus have to do with the outcome of a football match? What makes Europeans scared of the no. 13? While the church must bring the message of redemption to mankind, she must first of all take the people as they are, not as they should be. The bottom line here is, we can only overcome the evil one through prayer and faith in Jesus, no matter where we meet it, not by trying to argue away things which people have believed in for centuries and think it will simply go away. Abandoning believe in Witchcraft is a process that is experiencial and not just notional.

E. Ntoko

Edifying comment there by Augustine. Even the bible makes reference to witchcraft and its practices. The power and source of witchcraft is the devil, and, indeed, the only way to crush it is through constant prayer and faith in Christ Jesus. Witness how Paul dealt with Bar-Jesu the magician or wizard (Acts:13) or how the Egyptian magician in Exodus trailed in strength behind Moses.


thanks for your comments on the topic.Acknowledging that there is a problem is one step towards a solution.That is just what the bishop have done, kudos to him.Witchraft is a reality,it exist and there should be no negation about it, it is even heriditory according to some Anthropologist/writers.It is a world is both in Poland and Africa in particular.There is much of it in los Angeles, so is not only to remote societies as branded.

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