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Jordan Hydro

This will be great for brand advertisers, as they will be able to reap the rewards of all the equity they have built up. Many policies (including the new Google trademark policy) work in favor of affiliates and resellers, while this goes back to Google roots and is benefiting the user experience and connecting them directly with the brand they are looking for.

Njobam Gilles,cmf

I am a claretian missionnary writing from Canada. I wish to congratulate my confrère Fr Andrew on the new responsilities he will be taking up after the priestly ordination and now first masses.I just wish our articles be better edited:Andrew is a 'Claretain' but what I see here is 'claretan',he did his novitiate in Akono, Cameroon and not 'Akon,Nigeria' and in Ngoya,Yaounde he studied Theology and not Philosophy. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

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