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well a dis order VIRUS has grabed us ,disorder in governance,disorder in setting up ELECAM 'THE BODY better known as an Experiment Leading Excited Cameroonians Attain Madness,you cannot immagine that the South Africans took sympathy,went in to sign a contract to widen this death trap of a road Yn.de D,la and to construct it well and better and it appears because of the disorder virus, this contract seem to have been dashed to the French dogs called RAZEL.some scaninn has to be done on the brains of thi nation before we can come to understand what ORDERN IS ALL ABOUT.Fire rostting markets is a signal yet to be understood.but lets wait and see.


My brother, a majority of cameroonians are dying in silence and few 'tugs' who have stolen from the poor are enjoying themselves.Worst days are ahead. Time will tell.

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