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One of the greatest challenges also remains ensuring studies in St. Jerome Catholic University are relevant to the needs of the job market and that those who will graduate from there will become job creators, not job seekers, and be able to put the knowledge they have acquired at the service of their country. Right this sounds as a dream and less a hope in a country where authorities are involved in corruption. Where are those graduates will get money to create jobs? There is nothing saying that the University is link or has link with employers outside who will guarantee job for graduates....It is time now to create more jobs and then to form those who will seek these jobs and not the opposite. It will be a huge shame and disappointment to see first seed graduate from the University not having secured job....It is time for the Catholic to make that real difference that is needed in Cameroon..because many of those who are responsible for the poor management of the country are Catholic and something must be done now to avoid the past errors coming back again. First garduates from the St Jerome Catholic University should get job while leaving the Uni with their diploma or...it will be a waste of time and parents money...

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