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Elisbeth Ndifor

I do believe that some postures should be taken into consideration when praying. When i do kneel or stand up with my hands put together during prayers, it is my own way of showing humility to God the Father. when i do lift up my hands to heaven it a sign of supplication to God. However, for prayers to be answered depends on the level of the individuals belief and trust in God and not only the posture.

Abe Paul

I think prayer postures are tradition, and tradition is good. I do not think any outward displays affect the response of the divine, which is really beyond our knowing and understanding. So, people who leave the Catholic Church for this reason, have not really thought it through. People may experience catharsis because of the psychological impacts of certain demonstrative ways of prayer, but I do not think it has to do with the response of the divine. We cannot twist God's arm. I know, God is not known to have an arm.

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