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i have read with dismay this article by the US ambassador. this anyway is not suprising to me as he must follow the stance of his governemnt on the issue. i see this as nothing but the continuous use of the media to shape public opinion.The US,EU,UN,have refused to accept that by supporting one party of the belligerents without a careful study of the case have mirroed down all possiblt solutions.What is the international community he is referring to? a community to move about an impose regime change in sovereign states? has the UN sanction US/UK for invading Iraq? Its time Africa start rising like Asia. North -Sounth coopeartion is what has kept Africa back since independence. We must think of alternative forms of cooperation based on mutual respect and recognition of the sovereighty of all nations. The west and even the US ambassador knows this but have shamefully refused to accept. Their goal is to keep Africa ever dependent on them as had been since from the slave trade. Ask yourself why many Africans had to "fight" to gain their independence,yet the very people (west) stands today claiming to protect African interest. Africa needs a new reawkening.More Mugabe's and more Gbagbos.

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