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Nelson Achonduh

i love the article because it carries the truth and hope you continue like that. People should not celebrate when jobs are promised because it is the right and while is the government only promising reforms snd jobs only when it wants votes? Anywhere only those who support cpdm shall benefit or those whosse godfathers are already in the system.

Nsom Joseph

The time bombs remains untouched despite all what the authorities could think they are doing to stop it. Cameroon has been ruled for 30 years without any vision, and this is why virtually everything has fallen or is faling apart. Recruiting any number of persons at any moment will always be appreciable, but the problem lies on the capability of the economy to sustain the action. Was this recruitment budgeted?

In 2010 the government abnormally increased the budget by about 12% due to the introduction of two giant projects of Lom Bangar and the Kribi sea port. There was no corresponding increase in the sources of income. We all know what happened to this budget, and the subsequent effects on the 2011 budget.

manka dominica

this site is interesting but i wonder if the list of pre-selected candidates has been put up or what will the government do on the 11th of july if the youths will not be posted on that day

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