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Nsom Joseph

What is the position of the catholic church on that issue? I think it is necessary that the church brings out its view on that happening. Is it purely a spiritual issue or some scientific evidence could justify such occurence?

Fr Dufe Joseph

Hahahaha what a strange phenomenon - not the pool of water but the fact. I went to the tomb personally and so no pool. I actually have a picture I snapped and I can send it if need be. So I question who did this type of journalism. On the graves of priests there there is a spot meant for flowers I guess. That on Fr Bong's grave has no sand in it while that of othr priests have sand. That of Fr Bong might have been done after cementing the base while those in other graves might have not been treated so. Therefore when it rains water stands in the little hole , not pool and needs much sun to evaporate. As for the dry season I did not go there at that time. I mentioned this phenomenon in a homily in the cathedral in Kumbo and everyone was amazed, this was last Saturday. The bishop himself seemed to have heard it for the first time. There is even no sign that people from Kumbo have been going there as surely they never thought of such a thing, and so I doubt how it has pulled national attention. I just say that it sounds funny and sounds Aprilly-folly.


I think it could have been of vital importance if our journalist did some investigation before writing this article. It could raise a lot of doubt about the authenticity of the entire stories written on this paper. Mr. Editor in chief, try to double check such sensitive material else another "NKUV" story will be on the way in the Diocese. Thanks Fr. Dufe for your reactions which now has thrown a contradictory version of the whole article. "People coming from all over Cameroon to the grave. Some taking a bath(HOW)?, while His Lordship himself is not aware of such an incident. Lie lie journalist.

Paul Mengnjoh

I enjoy reading stories about Kumbo and its environs because I hail from there.But I am disappointed about this reporting of incidences that have or have not occured.It is unfortunate that this correspondent did not investigate the facts before reporting it.Please put more effort in researching the facts(good facts) before reporting them.

Ngoran Andrew Kongnyuy

I am happy for the L'effort Camerounais Editors


I will be in kumbo inthe next couple of weeks and I have decided to visit the grave personally. I will also wish to discuss with teh author LIVINUS TA BAM to get a few insights. Every one who has contributed has an opinion and I thank them very much. When news begins to get such widespread reaction, one can be sure that the country is moving forward for every one is concerned about the happenings around them.

Kenedy Sangwe

Hi Everybody - I thank James for mentioning "NKUV" in this scenario as he rightly put it. Total investigation need to be done before anybody will need to take a bath from this grave... not just the local people will decide on what they want to do but His Lordship and other church authorities need to look into it before it can be declared. I wish to know from the author what the church says about this. The community here in U.S.A have started learning of it. Let's be real in what we put out here. Am not doubting and am not taking a side to this yet.

(Silver Spring, USA)

Lukong Collette

I am very impressed reading this article and more to that the comments are very educating.
This also tells me how Cameroonians are reading newspapers which according to me is a plus coupled with the comments put across on issues as this.
Secondly, I won’t say that mysterious happenings do not exist. They do, but there should be some high degree of courteousness when publishing such sensitive topics. “Christians and non Christians come to the grave to bath with the water’’, is a fallacious statement just from reading it, because it shows that there is some sort of a stream in the grave yard, a thing which will also be contradictorily to know that the Bishop of the diocese was not interviewed from statements that show that he surely got it for the first time. This brings to the limelight the fact that there is some laxity in investigative journalism because the Bishop is the first person to have been interviewed in this issue.
However, without putting blame on anyone, a lot of thanks go to the L’Effort Cammerounaise team and more grease to your elbow because I know difficult ‘this our job’’ can be back at home some of the times.
I like the sensitivity anyway!

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