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Br Luke Kingsley Ake

Let African governments provide better living conditions for their people so that this problem of immigrants dying or suffering abroad should stop. What are these people going to look for in Europe and America, that we do not have in the continent?

Nsom Joseph

The Africans turn to exagerate in this migration issue. They want to get to Europe/USA in their numbers by all means, most of the time without the required documents. They play all forms of dirty games to downplay the sophisticated controls that may exist. I think the USA and to a certain extent Europe are doing their best to manage the ugly situation. But Africa must grow and get their destiny firmly into their hands. We must stop expected favours from others, because they too have their problems.

Joseph oben Besong

Greed on the part Africans is causing all this sufferings on the Africans.Africa is bless both with human and natural resources but we are in misery on daily basis.Our God will surely see his suffering children through one day.I sympathised with all those caught in this ugly situation.Africans should learn to avoid some of these risky ventures.

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