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Lukong Collette

I can see the issue of elections monitoring and 'ELECAM' being an electoral commission that is independent is still fa fetched. Where are we heading to and when would change ever come?
Theses questions and more are not worth being asked these days in our country, but still, they remain the talk of the day.
Its a pitiful situation.

Br Luke Kingsley Ake

The Cardinal is right to refuse any appointment into Elecam if the body is not given full autonomy. I would love to see a person like Cardinal Tumi proclaiming the results of a presidential elections in Cameroon. But can Biya allow that. The moral support to Mebara is a kind gesture.

Nsom Joseph

Are we sure there shall be any election this year?. We cannot at this material moment still be talking about the appointment of the members of the commission charged with organising such elections. I could have been embarrased if cardinal Tumi said the contrary with respect to ELECAM. The CPDM wants to do everything to give the impression that the 2011 presidential elections shall be free and fair, but in reality it is doing nothing.

Moki Colin

Is there a difference between one sin and another? He who takes bribe and he who gives, are both guilty of corruption at the same degree. Both parties are not doing any positive contribution to fight against corruption. I am not satisfied with the Cardinals respond to questions. He is not open minded and explicit.

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