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Br Luke Kingsley Ake

We hope that everybody will accept the transfers and appointments in good faith. May God bless the Diocese of Mamfe

Joseph oben Besong

May the spirit of God guide all the clergy in their new assignment.God bless the diocese of Mamfe.


Congratulations to all the newly ordained especially the ex-students of the Saint Aloysius' Minor Seminary Kitiwum : Jude Biimenyuy and Eugene Ngalim. May God guide and bless you in your new assignments.

yawo val

appointments shows that things are moving.of all the diocese of the bamenda ecclessiatical province mamfe is doing a good job. since the creation of the diocese of mamfe and the appointment of bishop francis lysinge as its first bishop so much work has been done.there has been the creation of many schools and parishes.bishop lysinge you have been a great bishop.congrats. more grease to your elbows.i pray that some of your fellow bishops learn from your great example.God Bless you.

 Sr Anna Abang

congratulations to the newly ordained priests especially to Fr Kenedy may God Blessed them all and we pray that each day their love for christ may grow and they m ay discover the will of God for them in their new appoimtments . God bless you all, and we pray that all the mamfe priests should serve the Lord faithfully in words and deeds.

Ojage Raphael Ayuk

Congratulations to Bishop Lysinge and his team for the relentless effort that has seen the Mamfe Diocese grow from strength to strength. However, no mention seem to have been made of the Eyumojock Parish, are things so stable there ?

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