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Joseph oben Besong

We only pray for God to protect Cameroonians where ever they find themselves.There is nothing impossible with God.

yawo val

hmmm,cameroon has no leader.how can a country have a leader who does not know about what is happening both at home and abroad with his country men and women.i remember sometime when we arrived in ndjamena chad late in the evening we went to the embassy to ask for information and we where told to go away,and on our way to look for a hotel we were robbed by armed robbers and all our monies was taken away from us.also an example,here in china we have so many cameroonians who are in one problem or the other,and having assistance from the embassy is a big problem.this is just to give u an example of how our government treats its own peoples.a country that has no regards for its own peoples.here in china we see chinese peoples who do business back home in our country without being illtreated,but here in china cameroonians are very badly treated.all what our leader does is moving form one european country to another and don,t even care to visit its citizens who are base in that country.i see other presidents when they come for visit to a foreign country they hold discussions with their citizens base in that country.but our own leader when he comes visiting in china we are not even allowed to see him.those of us who are abroad we are left to solve our problems by ourselves.what a country ,no place to stay safe.whether at home or abroad.God will be our guide.

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