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I do not think it is a reversed mission as such. Africans had always known Religion. Contrary to the view that the Europeans colonised Africa to make the people civilised, the real motive behind colonisation was economic. The Europeans have continued to do that even today. It is finally a good thing that African priests should go there and help them know that Religion has always been strong in Africa. If our politicians can join the priests to empower Africa so that we can colonise the Europeans, then that would be the best thing that has happened to humanity because we shall then help the white to be more humane. There will be less war weapons manufactured,people would no longer place democracy ahead to bombard and kill others etc.

joseph Besong

I think Africa still need evangelization so our African brothers and sisters should first of all try to make christ a living witness in their own communities before claiming to do that in Europe.I know of areas in Cameroon that do not have priests for a long time but African dioceses are sending missionary priests to Europe and America.This a big irony on the part of Africans.


Cameroon. Chop a Chop. wicked people are killing the poor. Time will tell

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