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Sr Myriam Lum

This is great work and I am really very happy. I have neither gold nor silver to support this good work, but I will offer you what I have, my prayers. I pray that God may grant you all the means you need. May He put people on your way to support you financially. You will succeed in God's name.

Pastor Ati

This is the best news of the Day.
This shows there is hope for Africa and if only we can get leaders who have vision and that are not self serving but will creat environment for this kind of inovation. Then the future of Africa is bright and with all of our prayers for Africa
With God on our side, Such leaders will enmerge one day.


Drs. Forbi & Agwale,I am not surprise,I knew you guys were going to make it.Success shall no longer be an event but a habit in your research. This is the kind of news that should be making headlines on our daily magazines in Africa and not about dictators trying to consolidate power.Let all head of states in the West and Central African Sub Region,invest on these kind of ventures and support these young men to realize their goal for better health for all in the region than investing on useless ventures and trying to consolidate power.The Cameroon government should cut her spending on the military and other wild elephant projects just for one year and support these young men.

Constantine Yuka

Good work.I just hope that the European scapticism that has befallen genuine attempts of previous research work permits them to show case their work.

Sr Caroline Acha

Courage.This is a wonderful suprise. That is Good work.God Bless your efforts . Do not relent your efforts ; God is with you, and He will keep guiding you through.

Mr Mbuyah Michael

Wonderful. Proud to know that we have people with hearts to help Africa. Well done Drs Forbi and Agwale

Stanley Kinyuy

This is a wonderful job guys.Joe, i am so proud of your achievements. I could tell judging back in the days of St. Augustine's college that greatness was on your path.Keep the ball rolling and wish you guys all the best as you guys strive to make the world a better place.


Let the ALMIGHTY assist you guys in all that you achieved and still to.Yes Mr.Paul Biya instead of wasting the people's money on your luxious trips to europe and arms buying to kill innocent and poor people,please encourage these researcers.


that's quite a good step but let it not be a review of what late Dr Victor Anoma Ngu did before dying{vahnivax}.that will be piracy ad you will be held responsible for pirating.otherwise GOD should give you people more wisdom to move on.

Chukwuma George

Eureka my Profs, you have discovered it. i pray God to grant you more vision. We young African researchers need your advice and encouragement.

Dr. Julius N. Ade

God's speed guys!

Dr CS Yah

Dr Joe Forbi, when you started this journey, I knew you were to make it. The passion and efforts you put in searching for this breakthrough will tell the world and the HIV, you are dead forever. Congratulation for such a huge impact in the world, I have gone over the work and is really a great work.

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