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Joseph oben Besong

I think Cameroonians need to pray and fast for a positive outcome of this year's election.It is God and He alone that change situations in Cameroon.Let God's will be done in Cameroon comes October 2011.


I overheard the minister of Communications Mr Issa tshiroma saying the other day in a BBC radio programe that" apart from Paul Biya there is no other political leader in Cameroon having the skills and tact to rule Cameroon like president Biya".I wonder what will become of people like him when his master`s rule comes to an end.the much celebrated reagae singer Bob Marley sang"You can fool some people some time but You cant fool all the people all the time"
We cameroonians are too complacent with the leadership in place.A high school teacher told me in 2010 in Limbe that Cameroon is better than most countries in Africa because we have food and we are not fighting any war.Thereafter,he asked me to go to Ethiopia if I think Cameroon is that bad.These kind of reasoning merely discourages people who need collective will like what happened during the Arab spring inorder to redress the current political and economic difficulties we are going through as a nation.Once one can bribe his/her way into the ENS they begin to say Cameroon is good and the next day when the police illegally impounds their vehicle they decry the endermic corruption thats eating our society like a cankerworm.My call to all Cameroonians is that they should learn to fight injustice in all its facets.

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