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Thank you, however if this was only what the clergy in South Africa was to do, then Nelson Mandela would have still been in prison, many South Africans would have been dying and apatheid would have still remained in place. We expect the Clergy to actually walk with the masses in the streets as the Clergy in South Africa and Jesus Christ himself had done. We expect the Clergy in Cameroon to move from door to door, to "walk with the suffering masses in the wilderness", and to "overturn" wrong doings. After all this is what the Lord Jesus Christ did when he discovered that the Lord's temple was been used as a hide-out for thieves.

When Archbishop Desmond Tutu was asked why he suported what black South Africans were doing in the streets to free themselves from apatheid, he said that "South Africans have been praying and praying, but the people are dying and dying - when shall we stop wiping tears out of the people's eyes?" Martin Lurther King descended into the streets with the people, dined with them, cried with them, walked with them, and today a Black is US president.

Christ did not sit on the throne to watch his people been used as guinea pigs by selfish politicians for their their selfish interests. Christ did not sit on the throne to watch his people been slaughtered. Christ came down from his Heavenly seat to the earth in the simplest manner ever - where sheep lived. He walked in the streets, starved with the people and told important people "Get behind me Satan".

Thanks again, but the masses look up to the Clergy for "Salvation", and this Salvation includes taking them from darkness to the "promised land". Let the Clery join the masses to "pull out the eye that cause them to sin and throw it into the sea". May God bless you.

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